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Georgian publishers and writers appeal to the people of Belarus

We, Georgian writers and publishers express our concern regarding the ongoing repression in neighboring Belarus. Lukashenko's dictatorial regime has put unprecedented pressure on the civilians, including writers, musicians, artists and designers, some of whom have been attacked while attending peaceful protests and some have been beaten in pre-trial detention facilities. Several cases of death due to use of lethal force by law enforcement were also confirmed.  According to the Pencenter of Belarus, people are not only detained at rallies, but also are taken directly from their homes to unknown locations.

We, Georgian writers and publishers are deeply concerned and saddened by the ongoing repression in the neighboring country and express our unconditional support to the peaceful protesters in the fight against the inhumane regime. We believe in you; We believe that your humane efforts and thirst for freedom will pay off.  We admire your courage. Wishing you strength and endurance in your fight!


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