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Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association and the Writers’ House are Developing Georgian Book Market Research

Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association and the Writers’ House of Georgia are launching a comprehensive Georgian book market research and the study of the readers' habits.

The book market research will be conducted by the global research organization, ACT. The main goal of the project is to conduct an in-depth study of the Georgian publishing industry and the general assessment of the book market while identifying its main trends and current problems, studying the readers' habits which will make working on a strategic plan for further book market development feasible and much more effective.

The research will be finalized in the spring of 2021 and will make the complete statistical information for the years 2016 to 2020 for almost every component of the Georgian book sector accessible.

The research will be conducted in several main areas and will include publishers as well as readers and various types of organizations related to the book sector. In addition to the main research components, special attention will be paid to the impact of the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair, where Georgia was represented as a Guest of Honor country, as well as the large-scale shifts caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 and how it has been reflected thus far in the Georgian book sector.

It should be noted that the latest similar scale research for the Georgian book market, based on the data from the years 2013-2015, was last conducted in Georgia in 2016.


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