Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association


Newly Elected GPBA Board Held its First Meeting


On July 14, the board of the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association held its first-ever meeting. At the Board Meeting, which consisted of seven Georgian publishers and booksellers, Tamar Lebanidze (Diogene Publishers) was elected as GPBA Chairperson. According to the decision of the Board, Tina Asatiani (Palitra L Publishing) was selected as the Deputy Chairperson.


The new board was formed last month as a result of a voting session at the General Assembly of GPBA member organizations. New GPBA board members are: 

  1. Artanuji Publishing
  2. Intelekti Publishing
  3. Bakmi Publishing
  4. Palitra L Publishing
  5. Sactsigni Publishing
  6. Diogene Publishers
  7. Bookstore Bookmark


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