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Georgia at the London Book Fair 2017

On March 14th the Georgian national stand at the London Book Fair 2017 was organized by Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association. Mention should be made that Georgian national stand was organized in partnership and cooperation with the Georgian National Book Center.

London Book Fair opened at the exhibition center “Olympia” and ended on March 16th.

This year, the London Book Fair is celebrating its 46-year anniversary hosting 25 000 publishing professionals from 124 countries. Multiple Georgian publishers were participate in the fair. Georgian contemporary and classical literary works from different periods as well as Georgian authors’ foreign translations were presented at the stand.

In 1971, the London Book Fair took place for the first time, as for the current name, it was given in 1977. The London Book Fair has its individual slot among other international book fairs – copyright issues is its central theme and subject of interest. The London Book Fair platform is mainly targeting the publishing professionals - supports the international business networking and partnership, serves for the global popularization of authors and their books.

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