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No to Occupation of the Intellect!

Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association makes an official announcement about the danger and threat created by Russia towards the further development of copyright, neighboring rights and generally, field of art.

As you are aware, the Georgian Copyright Association has been successfully implementing collective management of the copyright and neighboring rights in Georgia for years now. In recent years the progress of Associations' activities is significantly noticeable. Hundreds of artists are regularly receiving royalty through the Association and the organization is recognized as a successful model by international standards.

Nowadays, the above-mentioned structure is being endangered by Russia. Due to Georgia's refusal to join the Eurasian Union, Russia decided to weaken GCA’s position internationally and gain influence over Georgian art. For this purpose Russia engaged in the following actions: They connected with Georgian singers who have a sentimental attitude towards Russia and tried to create an alternative organization. We should also underline that creating such organization is in contradiction with the current legislation of Georgia. Nevertheless, the entity managed by Russia tries to weaken GCA's position and demolish the system through discrediting, bribing and lying, which will be directly reflected on the royalty of Georgian authors and will decrease the amount of collected royalties significantly. Most importantly, the situation will harm the progress achieved in this field and will be reflected negatively on the country's image, considering Georgia recently signed the European Union – Georgia Association Agreement.

In order to stop the Russian aggression, the Association initiated an informational campaign – No To Intellect Occupation.

Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association expresses full support to the Georgian Copyright Association. We join the campaign and call on all citizens of Georgia to join it. We can not allow Russia to gain influence over Georgian art.

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