Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association


Open Letter from GPBA

Statement by the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association:

We strongly oppose the introduction of the bills "Transparency of Foreign Influence" and "Registration of Foreign Agents" in the Parliament of Georgia. The essence of these draft laws is antithetical to the repeatedly confirmed European aspirations of our citizens, and seeks to undermine civil activism and curtail freedom of speech and expression.

At a time when unity and cooperation are crucial, the mere discussion of these bills damages the international reputation of Georgia and exacerbates internal tensions. The Parliament of Georgia should prioritize collaboration with civil society representatives and professionals from diverse fields, in order to advance necessary reforms for the country's development and to attain EU membership candidacy status in a timely manner. This is the only way to effectively break free from Russian aggression and influence.

We urge Georgian lawmakers to remember and learn from the painful lessons of the past. Avoid making a mistake that would mar the legacy of each individual parliamentarian and the history of our country as a whole.

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